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The Story is quite simple…

One day a few friends, who happened to love sailing, decided to enter the 54th edition of a 24-hour sailing contest organised by ‘de vereniging van kustzeilers’.There was a lot of fun and laughter and we had a couple of technical discussions while making preparations. Sadly, at the last minute there were technical problems. While cleaning we found a ball bearing and it seemed that the furflex was broken. It had to be repaired as quickly as possible. Project ‘boegspriet’ was called back to life. Once that was taken care of all rhumb line scenarios were looked at and sailing routes were planned… All preparations before the 24-hour sailing contest started were done. Unfortunately we couldn’t go through with the contest, due to some very unfortunate news one of the crewmembers received: someone very close was told they were suffering from cancer.

It’s all-in or nothing… The sailing contest for De Malle Piet was blown off and everything was set aside for more important things.

The 24-hour sailing contest stayed on our minds despite the unfortunate news and the idea rose to start an alternative 24-hour sailing contest. After all we had everything we needed, it was only a matter of sailing the route. A date was saved and preparations resumed. The only thing that was missing was a goal. De Malle Piet was disqualified for the 54th edition and the only thing to do was to pursue the achievements of the 54th edition or to better it.

Motivated by what Maarten van der Weijden met de 11 steden zwemtocht  did with his attempt to swim the 11 stedentocht to support cancer research (Maarten van der Weijden foundation) and what Stichting Vaarkracht stands for (one day of being cancer free?), the idea to do an alternative 24-hour sailing contest quickly emerged, but with another goal than to have a fun night out on the boat. The goal of this 24-hour sailing contest will be to raise money with every sailed mile.

The crew will sail an alternative 24-hour sailing route (start number 816) to raise money for two wonderful charities. Completely by the book and according to tradition of the 24-hour sailing contest De Malle Piet starts on October 19th at 19:00/07:00 p.m. On this day De Malle Piet will sail for 24-hours non-stop to sail as many miles as possible to raise as much money for both charities.


Malle Piet’s crew is looking for sponsors. Support this cause with a minimum of €0,05 cent per sailed mile to support these two wonderful charities. De Malle Piet’s goal is to sail at least 150 miles.

Do you want to support this cause? Write a message on ‘Become a Sponser’ and transfer the money before October 20th to one of the two charities that speaks to you the mo

Many thanks in advance….


Malle Piet Crew: Paul, Alwin and Jan